All About Us

Two up, together

There are many great things in life…Makers’ Mark, an E.P. Carrillo Goloses cigar, and the love for a  great dog…but this site isn’t about those things, though I may touch on them occasionally…  🙂

Welcome to “Rides, Roads, and Eats,” my blog site about three of my other all-time favorite things:  food, great roads, and road tripping!  I am a 67 year old avid motorcyclist/road tripper who has a hard time passing up a great restaurant, or a great road.  Over the past 15 years I’ve ridden over 300,000 miles, including much of the Northern Hemisphere.   It’s my fond hope that you will find some enjoyment in reading my site, and that you’ll be inspired to travel some of the places I have, and to maybe sample some of the great food I’ve found along the way!  I will do my best to post a few pictures, and to post prose that doesn’t bore you to tears.  And I’ll post descriptions of routes and give you the pleasure of discovering them yourself, how ever you choose to do it whether it be by luck, GPS or paper map!

My partner in life is Marina Ho, an incredibly gorgeous, smiley, and adventurous woman whose personal past forged her into the inquisitive, powerful woman she is today.  Maybe I’ll write more about her in a blog entry, but for now, here is a picture of her test flying a 3 meter stunt kite.  Good thing the breeze was light….  LOL


Life is a grand adventure and there are no “do overs!”  So, buckle your helmet, throw a leg over the bike, and come along for the ride!

Steve Carr

Newport, Oregon, 2014