Baby’s Got New Shoes!

I’d heard lots of good things about the new Heidenau K60 tires, so when my last pair of Shinko 705 Radials wore out, I thought I’d give them a try.

I’m not an expert on tires, but with about 300K of riding underneath my saddle, I’ve got my opinions.  In a few words,  I really like them.  They are plenty sticky on dry asphalt for my 8/10s riding style, and on the unpaved stuff they inspire confidence.  Last weekend I took my riding partner for a nice spin through the local mountains, which involved some graded gravel roads.  The KC60s inspired confidence, with less tracking and “wandering” around in the sandier sections.  I’ve yet to try them in the rain…hey, this is So Cal, what is “rain?”  I’ve heard they are a bit squirrely in the wet-this wouldn’t surprise me as they seem pretty stiff.  I guess I’ll find out when I take them to the Pacific Northwet this summer!


Mileage is great so far.  Here is a picture of the rear with 3K miles on it.  The front tire looks brand new.  I’m confident these tires will take me about 10,000 miles this summer.  And no, I’m not as ghostly white as the pic indicates!  LOL


The only “con” so far?  This is nit-picking, but they are fairly noisy on the asphalt and they have a tendency to “walk” around on the rain grooves.  Really no issues other than these!

So far, I’ll recommend the Heidenau K60 to anyone who rides an “adventure style bike.”  Good handling, great mileage, and confidence building off the pavement.  I’ll post up a few more comments when I’ve put a few more miles on them.

Keep it between the ditches,