A Fall Day’s Ride in the High Desert

Huge burn areas all around, but the land is coming back, slowly…

An easy way to access some superb So Cal riding, is to head up Angeles Crest Highway, CA2, from the 210 Fwy above Pasadena.  Take care if doing this ride early Saturdays or Sundays as there is much traffic, both motorcycle and bicycle!  The Crest, as it is known to local riders is a “zero tolerance zone” for the California Highway Patrol, and probably for good reason.  There have been a number of fatalities here…I suggest for a great riding treat do this ride in the early afternoon.  Start with Lunch in Wrightwood, maybe the Evergreen Cafe, and then head up to the ski area to the Jackson Lake turn off.  This will take you down into the high deserts, and roads that are very lightly traveled!    Of course, from Wrightwood you can also continue east and follow CA 2  until it empties out onto CA 138 and eventually I-15.  There are multiple options for some great roads.  Good stuff!

Hungry for some off pavement riding?

Once you’ve had your fill of twisties and unlimited views, it’s an easy ride down to CA 138 and north to Palmdale, or south back to I-15!  I like riding up here-it’s different everytime I go, it’s close to home, and the quality of the ride is awesome….twisty, no traffic, and great views.  Ride it and let me know what you think!