Tires, Grip, and the Great Pacific Northwet!

Recently Marina and I made a huge lifestyle change by moving to Newport Oregon.  Newport is located on the beautiful central Oregon Coast.  Here, huge waves crash against timeless sea stacks, foggy mists cling to huge trees, and crystal clear rivers rush into the Pacific Ocean.  It is truly, God’s Country in many ways.

One of those heavenly ways shows itself in the quality of  motorcycling. Just leaving our driveway puts us in fabulous, uncrowded riding conditions.  In fact, navigating our driveway could be considered an “adventure ride.”  We, of course, ride Bikeopotamus, our 2011 BMW R1200 GSA, which allows to nimbly pick our way up the moss/pine needle/rain-covered gravel of our driveway.  Those guests who come visit and ride bigger ‘street’ bikes might elect to park down below the house and walk up the final steps to the house! Continue reading


Get Your Kicks (and lunch) on Route 66!

“Mauricio’s Mexican Restaurant” is a little place tucked away in a semi-run-down shopping center on Route 66 in east Glendora.  While the surroundings may not be very easy on the eyes,  it’s definitely worth the time to come by and order up some great Mexican fare.  Mauricio always greets his guests with a hearty “Where you been?” and  says goodbye with “See you tomorrow!”  The food is so good here that I’m sure many people take him up on that!

Today, Jennifer and I had been riding around the local foothills on a brand new R1200 GSA.  What an amazing motorcycle…the smooth, powerplant, behemoth gas tank, and superb suspension begs you to keep on riding and riding…which we might have done, if we weren’t so hungry for Mauricio’s!

The biggest challenge at this charming little place is deciding what to order.  Jennifer decided on the beef vegetable soup (Caldo Res) and I picked the eggs and chorizo…Both meals with coffee, fresh tortillas and complimentary sweet rolls was $21 including tip.

Mauricio’s Restaurant is located at 2256 E Route 66, Glendora, CA 91741.  You can call for take out at 626.963.7515!

Happy riding, and stay safe!


Woo hoo! A New Motorcycle!

Well, new to us, at least!  Jennifer and I bought a 2002 R1150 GSA from a very good friend a couple of months ago and we are really enjoying it!  I don’t normally name my motorcycles, but if I did, “Bikeopotamus” would be it!  The big black GSA is a tall, heavy motorcycle that can take us pretty much anywhere we want to go!

We’ve done a few modifications to make Bikeopotamus a more comfortable sport touring machine…We recently rode to Ojai and had Bill Mayer Saddles make us a new seat.  We’ll post some pix soon!  We also slipped on some Shinko dual sport tires.  So far they are great on the upaved   Southern California roads we have around here, and they seem pretty durable as well.  We’ve ridden the bike about 6,000 miles since we purchased the first week of April, and so far the tires are doing great!  A Cee Bailey’s windscreen rounds out the comfort accessories…at speed, the CB wraps the wind around my head rather than buffeting it all around.   Thanks, Steve Clavin of Cee Bailey’s.  You rock!  Finally a “Versa” LED brake light modification  from will hopefully keep some driver from riding over the top of us from behind.  Those eight LED lights are really bright!

Here is a pic, taken up in the local San Gabriel mountains…

BMW GSA in the Mountains

See you on the road, and ride safely!

Steve and J